How GenSelect Works

GenSelect’s all-natural, patented preconception gender selection (PGS) System influences the gender of your child before conception.

From Hippocrates to modern geneticists, scientists have sought to help couples achieving the desired gender of their children. Over the last 30 years, numerous scientific advances revealed the natural factors that control the gender selection process. GenSelect is the culmination of this research which is based on thousands of scientific studies on natural fertility, conception, and gender selection. Great care and effort has been taken to create a product that is safe, reliable, and is based on proven scientific fact.

What is GenSelect?

GenSelect is the only scientifically validated Kit, developed by a team of physicians, to harness clinically proven factors which effectively allow you to determine the gender of your baby. The scientific methodology GenSelect utilizes has proven 96% effective in controlled studies (your results will depend on how closely you adhere to the Kit’s guidelines). This Kit will only be effective if you are not yet pregnant, although using the appropriate Kit contents according to directions while pregnant will not cause adverse effects.

GenSelect Girl Kit

The GenSelect team has developed specially formulated all-natural nutriceuticals which adjust the body condition to influence gender. When you purchase the Kit, you will learn how to combine the nutriceuticals and other elements of the Kit with intercourse timing control, vaginal environment adjustment, and correct diet instruction to choose the gender of your next child.

The Kit comes in two forms – Boy and Girl. While similar, the Kits contain some different components.

Kits Include

  • A comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to the Kit, along with diet instructions designed to help maximize your success
  • Ovulation predictors to help you time your intercourse for best results
  • Douche to adjust vaginal acidity
  • Digital thermometer for measuring basal body temperature
  • Temperature body charts to track body temperature over time
  • Two separate, all-natural nutriceutical supplements, formulated by our team of physicians, designed to work along with a coordinated diet

GenSelect’s Boy and Girl Kits are the only products available that naturally influence the gender of your next baby before conception. This is accomplished by addressing all the scientifically validated factors that have been proven to determine gender.

The Kit’s components have recieved full approval from appropriate United States Federal Regulatory Agencies and conform to all cGMP standards set forth by this regulatory agency. The all-natural nutriceuticals are also produced in a United States Federal Regulatory Agency approved facility and conform to all U.S. DSHEA guidelines established in 1994.

The Science Behind The Kits

GenSelect’s Fully Integrated Method greatly amplifies the four natural key factors which determine the sex of a baby.

  1. Body Condition
  2. Intercourse Timing
  3. Vaginal Environment
  4. Diet

Body condition – Adjusting body condition with specially formulated nutriceuticals

A unique component of GenSelect’s PGS System is the gender-specific nutriceuticals. Clinical trials published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics have shown that the differential consumption of specific univalent and divalent cationic elements can greatly influence the gender of subsequent conceptions.

GenSelect Girl Kit

These elements are found in variable concentrations in both the seminal fluids from the male and in the fluids of the female reproductive tract. They are known to influence the allosteric properties of enzymatic systems and also influence the chemotactic properties of the unfertilized egg.

The scientists at GenSelect used this biological research to formulate separate gender-specific nutriceutical supplement formulas that include the required univalent and divalent cationic elements. These elements are then combined with appropriate vitamins and herbal extracts to magnify their bioavailability and potency even further.

Our proprietary formulas help ensure that the appropriate allosteric and chemotactic influences are generated within and around the unfertilized egg, thus creating the strongest bias possible for successfully accomplishing a conception of the preferred gender.

GenSelect’s unique, proprietary, all-natural nutriceuticals are produced in a United States Federal Regulatory Agency approved facility utilizing cGMP guidelines to ensure both the safety and efficacy of this product; a fundamental priority followed during the development of this product!

Intercourse Timing – High-accuracy ovulation predictors

Conception occurs only after the female has released an egg from her ovary, a process called ovulation. Once this has occurred, the egg is then capable of being fertilized only during the next few hours. Strong evidence exists that shows the ratio of viable “Y” carrying (male) sperm and “X” carrying (female) sperm differ in concentration in the female reproductive tract depending upon when they were deposited. Subsequently, knowing when ovulation will occur and when it has occurred is very important. Coordinating this event with the timing of intercourse is very important for conception, as well as for the preconception gender selection process.

GenSelect works with the natural signals that indicate the various stages of the ovulation process. A U.S. FDA approved ovulation predictor is used to predict when ovulation will occur. These predictors are over 98% accurate and are calibrated to be 35% more sensitive than that required by the 2nd International Standard.

Additional assistance in determining when ovulation will occur and when it has occurred is obtained by detecting the biphasic basal body temperature shift. There is a surge in the level of estradiol produced by the female immediately before ovulation, which causes the basal body temperature to fall. Once ovulation occurs, there is a surge in the production of progesterone, which leads to a rapid rise in the basal body temperature. This “biphasic” temperature pattern signals that ovulation has occurred. Once again, Gen-Select uses this information to coordinate the timing of intercourse with our patented PGS System.

Accurate monitoring and charting of the basal body temperature is made possible with the digital thermometer provided within the Kit. Easy-to-follow instructions are provided that outline when and how to use the thermometer along with simple charting instructions. Charting of the basal body temperature is performed on a daily basis throughout the entire program and often provides the first indications that a conception has occurred.

Vaginal environment – Creating an appropriate vaginal environment

The vaginal environment, and the changes it undergoes during the normal menstrual cycle, are also very important to all-natural gender selection. By taking advantage of naturally occurring characteristics, successful gender selection is further reinforced. A vaginal douche has been developed which amplifies this natural selection process.

The vaginal environment and cervical mucus can greatly influence the chances that either an “X” carrying sperm or “Y” carrying sperm will be successful in fertilizing the egg. These factors can be enhanced by instilling within the vaginal vault specifically formulated douching compounds which augment this selectivity. GenSelect douches are scientifically formulated specifically for each gender selection. The compounds utilized are of the utmost quality and extremely safe to use. As with all the other elements of the GenSelect Fully Integrated Program, this aspect is easy to perform and is done so in the privacy of your own home.

Diet – Control and instruction

It is well known by scientists that the composition of an individual’s diet can influence the outcome of natural bodily processes. GenSelect provides specific dietary guidelines that work in conjunction with the all-natural, gender-specific nutriceuticals to help alter the concentration of critical elements in the males’ and females’ reproductive fluids. When coordinated with GenSelect’s PGS System, these dietary guidelines greatly augment the preconception gender selection process.


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