Frozen Egg Pregnancy

Clinic produces first frozen egg pregnancy

The eggs were frozen, then later thawed, fertilized, and transferred into the uterus of the patient, who is now two months pregnant.

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Baby Gender Testing At Home

Baby Gender Testing At Home: Cool Or Curious?

By: The Frisky

You can now test the gender of your baby at home.

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Improves Sperm DNA Integrity

Infertility caused due to oxidative stress-induced sperm damage
By: IVF News.Direct

Sperm DNA damage, which negatively affects both natural and assisted fertility, is associated with putative mechanisms such as oxidative stress and defective sperm chromatin packaging.

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New Infertility Treatment

The biggest advancement in infertility treatment since In Vitro Fertilization
By: Articulate Pen

As a treatment for male infertility, it has proved very productive even though it was introduced back in 1992.

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Male Hormones

Controlling male hormones for fertility
By: U. of Manchester

Men in stable relationships to take part in the trial of the hormonal contraceptive.

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Baby Gender Selection