Pre Conceptional Sex Selection By Ionic Equilibrium

Pre Conceptional Sex Selection by Ionic Equilibrium (Diet)

Rajan S. Joshi
Obstetrician and Gynecologist
Fellow, Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, TX

Dr. Joshi’s Gynecological and Maternity Hospital
60, Brahman Mitra Mandal Soc
Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad 380006
Gujarat, India

Medicare Polyclinic
Dattatraya Road, B/H Dalsukhbhai Jwellers
S.V Road, Santacruz (West)
Mumbai, 400054, India

The Journal Of General Medicine
A Quarterly for the Physician, 1999

Dr. Joshi’s published research, in addition to research from many other scientists, has been applied to the GenSelect Fully Integrated System. None of these research scientists is affiliated with GenSelect, and GenSelect applies only the research findings, not all of the methods described, which may have been modified for the Fully Integrated System.


My study of 7,810 patients for the ionic method of sex selection is based on the original study by Dr. Stolwoski and Dr. Lorrain published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. A modification of the four basic elements in our diet i.e. sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium before the planned conception, followed by a specific time period for intercourse in the target cycle results in around 96% success rate in achieving the pregnancy of the preferred sex. The method is totally safe, non invasive, economical and safely done at home. The method is devoid of any side effects.


Any method by which the sex of the body can be selected before the onset of pregnancy is called pre conceptional sex selection.

Principle Of The Ionic Equilibrium

According to the research by Jacques and Stolwoski, the diet of the woman has total and drastic effect on the sex of the child to be conceived. This was based on the study that the pellucid membrane which surrounds the ova has certain receptor sites on which the spermatozoa bind and may fertilize the ova. The ratio of potassium/calcium, magnesium has an effect on the molecular biology of the receptor sites. This effect is termed as Allosteric Modification which causes specific changes in the membrane compound. These changes in the receptor sites affect the selective attraction towards X sperms or Y sperms, due to variation in the intensity of potentialities on the sperms of both kinds.

To simplify the matter, if a woman is given a diet with specific characteristics for a period prior to conception, her receptor sites on the ova shall attract only X sperms and repel the Y sperms, resulting in a conception of female child.

To reverse the matter, if a woman is given a diet with different characteristics prior to conception, she will attract only the Y sperms and repel the X sperms, resulting into conceiving a male child.

Principle Of Timing Of Intercourse

Though the timing protocol has got not much of success rate, it has been combined with the diet method. This is based on the fact that Y sperms are lighter and they swim faster than the heavier X sperms. So if the intercourse happens immediately after the ovulation the probability of abundance of Y sperms is present. In contrast to this if the intercourse happens 24 hours or more before the ovulation there are chances of abundant X sperms.

This method also helps in catching cases of subfertility due to ovulation disorders and hastens up the treatment schedule of sex selection.

How To Go About The Procedure

For the purposes of this research, and in all human research, certain data were physical data were collected from the patients to determine if their blood makeup, weight, age, etc. had any bearing on the outcome. Once the research was concluded, however, the findings could be applied without these measurements.

After I have the above database on my patient, based upon the specific individual parameters, a customized diet is charted out for her. This diet can be supplemented by additional nutritional supplement when necessary. The patient has to be on the diet and supplement till she conceives. But the diet and the supplement take at least 6 to 8 weeks to act on the ovaries. So starting from the onset of the diet, contraception has to be used till the patient finishes her first two menses. After that she enters what is referred to as the target cycle; the cycle in which she is supposed to conceive. In the target cycle she is supposed to have intercourse on certain specific days depending upon her individual plan of action chart.

It is mandatory that the patient should not stop the diet till she is confirmed to be pregnant by a blood or a urine test in a pathology laboratory or a reliable home pregnancy kit which should not be done for at least 4 days after the date of the expected periods.


The total number of cases that I have done from October, 1993 to August, 1998 is 7,810. This includes 6,400 patients for male child selection and 1,410 patients for female child selection.

Out of the 6,400 patients treated for male progeny, I have achieved success in 6,208 patients, resulting in a success rate of about 97%.

Out of the 1,410 patients treated for female progeny, I have achieved success in 1,355 patients, resulting in a success rate of about 95%. The combined success rate is 96% (Tables 1, 2 and 3)

Table 1
Total Number Of Cases
Table 2
Total Cases For Male Child
Table 3
Total Cases For Female Child

Other Methods

Over several decades many methods have been tried out but none of them have any significant success rates and most of them have been abandoned a long time back. Table 4 shows comparative results of different methods.

Table 4
  Name Of Selection Method
  Ionic Exchange (diet)
  Erricson method (XY sperm separation)
  Alkaline Douches
  Alkaline Diet
  Chinese Calendar
  Y Virilin Tablets

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